FRASER VALLEY | colour inspiration

While trying to stick with my new years resolution,  I took a couple of snap shots of our lazy  (but beautiful)  day.  I guess brown was the unintentional theme of it all.

Charlie our chocolate lab:)

The bare trees of our morning walk

Chocolate I have sworn off since New Years….yet another resolution I am trying to keep;)

Yummy whole wheat pesto prawn pizza (I made from scratch) FIRST TIME!!!

All in all a colour inspired day.

ABBOTSFORD | maternity

Well it was possibly the worst day for weather but it didn’t stop us!  We battled rain, snow and the cold, but still managed to get some great pics.  I always love a challenge:)  That and this momma is due in two weeks.  Talk about cutting it close!

ABBOTSFORD | boudoir

I would like to thank all the lovely ladies for the wonderful boudoir sessions.  We got a lot of great shots;)   I would love to show some sneak peeks but these are for Valentines day.  Dont want to spoil the surprise!!!

If you missed out on the Valentines day sessions don’t worry these sessions are great gifts for birthdays and weddings too.