CHILLIWACK | portrait photographer

So while we were in Cuba basking on the beach this stud mentioned he enjoyed getting behind the camera and well that was it, he was my guinea pig for a harsh sun portrait session.  There were amazing locations along the coast and we found a secluded beach with some great rock cliffs, and ended up with these gems:0)

ABBOTSFORD | Baby photographer

Lennon and his buddys are all born within a month of each other so for Lennons 1st birthday shoot I though why not invite the gang over for some pictures and cake!  Well lets just say after a lot of moms jumping up and down making silly faces we manage to get a few great ones with them all looking !!( and a lot of them not) hehe.  We got them all GAPed out in the token onsies and jeans and let them roll.  After we got most of the pictures done we bribed them with a couple more picture with cake.  Lets just say they did not mind one bit.

CHILLIWACK | Baby photography

This little munchkin is one of my First Year babies, and this is our second session together.  We had to do a two-part session with this munchkin due to the fact that the Park was a little overwhelming it being the first time on grass and all. lol!!!  So we got our great family shots at a park that LOOKS beautiful however would not recommend any kids  to run around in lu of stepping in some duck p__! 

So this spring I guess will be filled with a little more re-con work checking out my new stopping ground Chilliwack for some quality parks.

 Needless to say once we headed back to the comfort of her home baby T was ready for her close up.  With the great natural light and maybe a little kid programing on the T.V. behind me as I shot (don’t judge it worked) we got some keepers. 

I can not wait to see this sweetheart when she is one! xoxo

Abbotsford | destination wedding photographer

I have to do a sneak peek of this wedding.  I was lucky enough to join this couple at their destination wedding in Cuba a couple of weeks ago and I can confidently say I left with a lot more than just a tan/burn.  I met some great people and managed to get some fantastic shots.  The beaches were snow-white the ocean was as blue as they come.  It was amazing, the sun was shinning the entire time and the mojitos were delish:)  This was a great way to start my wedding season, maybe I will get to do this every year;).