Abbotsford | wedding photographer

I am so excited to blog this wedding!   The day was so much fun, the bride and groom were up for anything  and really wanted to personalize their day.  The day started off at the made of honors house in Sterling Properties in Old Clayburn Village.  This being just down the street from my old high school I know this area well.  I have shot here many times before and every time I just love the area more and more. 

The brides wanted something a little different then a traditional vail so she had this one made from Diva in Chilliwack and instead of flowers for all her ladies she opted for fans from

Soon it was off to the ceremony where the bride surprised everyone by arriving in this old classic <3.  Everyone was situated in the church awaiting the arrival of the bride when the engine started roaring and tires started spinning.  That defiantly got everyone’s attention!  A little change of pace from the old  music intro for sure!

These two love Tim Hortons  so after a few pictures around the area we headed to the local timmys and had a bit of a snack and some coffee.  And took pictures of course;)

Next we headed to the reception venue at Saar Bank Farms where the tables were beautifully decorated with flowers from simply perfect flowers and desert was served from Afterthoughts (a personal favorite) We droped of the bridal party and snuck out for a couple of pictures and some private time with the couple.  We stopped by a blueberry farm just down the road and the opening happened to be on row 28. the date of their wedding!

Congrats to a wonderful couple I had such a great time with you on your special day.

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photographer

Little miss s so pretty we had her into the studio for a last-minute newborn session so she could have some glamor shots to show off to her family when she visits them in mexico!  She took her first big trip this month! Talk about getting the travel bug early;0.

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photographer

Baby Brielle was full of smiles and truly a little princess.  She came a little sooner than expected putting mom and dad to work early.  After a bit of a stay in the hospital she has now joined mom and dad at home to catch up on snuggles.  What a little angel she is, knowing the beautiful natural light these to had in their home it was super easy to get all these amazing shots<3.  Brielles Grandma(not that she looks as though she could be a grandma wowza) was also visiting from Texas and were able to get some pictures with her too!  Thank you for letting me come squeeze in some cuddles.

VANCOUVER | engagement photographer

When I heard the news that these two dear friends of mine got engaged to was so excited!  I am truly so happy for them, it wasnt but a week before when I was out for some good old girl chat when the conversation of when and where this milestone was going to happen. Unknowingly to us it plans were already in the works:) (either that and someone ears were ringing bad)  These two are as solid as they come when it comes to friendship and love.  They are always up for a good laugh and really complement each others personalities.  I really had a great day hanging out with such great friends thanks for letting me share with you this great chapter of   life.

We started out hanging out in this gorgeous gastown apartment and manage to get some of my favorite pics.

Next we headed out side where we went to the token clock (not sure if that was the best idea on a busy sunday) but we managed then we moved along for a bite to eat. On our was we managed to stop by a festival showcasing the heritage of gas town along with that came closed down streets and amazing vintage firetrucks LUCKY US

No one puts baby in the corner………


ABBOTSFORD WASHINGTON | newborn photographer

I’ve been a little delinquent on my blog these days so this isn’t a sneek peek by any means but I just love this session I just had to share!

I made the drive down to mill creek washington to meet up  this family.  I just fell in love with the area it is a suburb of seattle and is an outdoor walking community so neat and fun.  Makes me wish we had more of these around us. Not to mention the great outlet center 15min away!

It was a afternoon spent coaxing baby brixton to sleep,  but with a little time mom knew all the tricks and she preformed perfectly.  I really tried playing with the nursery in this shoot she had such great light and the wall colour was phenomenal.  Makes me want to paint……well for a moment anyways:)  Congrats on your beautiful baby girl she is beautiful.  Cant wait to make another trip down for a visit, and explore your area more:)

ABBOTSFORD | photographer newborn

Little baby J…. so handsome…so cute…. so perfect.  I went over to his mom and dads house and spent the afternoon with him getting so many great shots.  He was so precious and sleepy we managed to get some with his eyes open then he was out for the count for the rest of the day PERFECTION.  I love this part of my job it really is a big piece of my heart:)

VANCOUVER | photographer

This couple contacted me to do an Anniversary session.  It was for their first anniversary,  they  had wanted some casual pictures of themselves and what better excuse than an anniversary:)  I really should try to do these more often what a success they we relaxed and  really vibe well with each other and were just plain comfortable with each other.  Most people get in front of the camera and like my self freeze, what do I do with my hands sort of thing, but these two adjusted quickly and end result some fab pictures!!! yay:)   

ABBOTSFORD | photographer

Hi everyone I just wanted to give everyone the heads up for pre booking your session with me. I am in the busiest part of my season and fully book thru July (with exceptions of reserved times for Newborns).  I have limited space left in August as well so to avoid disappointment please contact me sooner than later:)  That being said there is an exception to every rule ,so try me it wont hurt to ask.

ABBOTSFORD | photographer | Lunessense Silver Jewerly

Lunessense Silver Jewerly Party’s

Lunessense Silver is an Mexican silver jewelry importing company founded by Shauna Murch.  Shauna has spent the last 5 season traveling and teaching surfing in Mexico.  On an afternoon of too much hammock time, a finished book and flat waves she decided to go explore inland. On this trip she travelled to a town known for its fine silver jewelry where she discovered her new love, silver jewelry!  When Shauna brought these treasures home to show off her friends and family couldn’t get enough. This is where is started…
5 years later she is now selling her jewelry at home parties as well as a few shops. She has hired a friend to help with the party’s and is working on growing her business into selling at shops who are looking for quality 925 sterling silver jewelry with semi precious stones and unique shells and fossils. You can learn more at her website at or call her to book a party or inquire about selling her jewelry in your shop at 604 855 1276