ABBOTSFORD | maternity photographer

  When Kayla and Josh contacted me to do their maternity shots I was super excited!  I did their wedding early last year and thought it would be a great idea to try out some new ideas with them as they are used to my craziness by now!  I had been at playland the day before and that’s when the idea of the cotton candy came to me as it was staring right at me pink and blue! perfect for a couple who were playing the waiting game to find out if they were proud new parents of a baby girl or little boy! Well the waiting game is over and contrary to most predictions these to have a beautiful baby girl.

ABBOTSFORD VANCOUVER | maternity photographer

I first met this beautiful mom to be almost 10years ago we worked together before she moved out to Vancouver we still kept in touch and was honoured when I got the email asking if I would be her wedding photographer.  Of course I was thrilled who wouldn’t like to photograph a beautiful not to mention kindest bride out there.  her wedding was pre blogging days but I dug up some archives to share. (why not)  I love sharing pre blogging photos;)

On to the true purpose of this entry today was this amazing couple is expecting their first baby soon!  We met up in Abbotsford and had a great afternoon.  These to are so much fun and casual and were up for any crazy ideas I had. Anything for a great location right?  There were so many great picture but here are just a few to share.

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photography

This family welcomes baby number 4!  All I can say is WOW.  This little guy is a little older than the new babies I am used to but I welcomed the nice change.  From the moment he woke up he was a charmer.  Dishing out poses and smirks all day long.  Next up were all his siblings which some needed a little extra bribing then others;) but all in all a great day!

CHILLIWACK | family photographer

This family was all together celebrating a wedding anniversary and they decided to get a couple of family pictures.  It was a beautiful celebration and we managed to beat the rain and get some great shots.  When Jill suggested we do the pictures at their house  in the back yard I was a little hesitant just for the sheer fact that options can be limited when dealing with backyards.  However this property is definitely an exception it was beautiful landscaped equipped with gardens trees and bridge and can’t forget the mini chapel.  I was green with yard envy!  Gotta go do some yard work:p

ABBOTSFORD EDMONTON | family photographer

So FINALLY we had the whole family together and managed to get some great pictures.  I think this was one of my favorite family sessions to date, and I am not just saying that because they are family!  I’m not going to lie that I was a little intimidated to get this family together for some great family pictures. I don’t think I have done an immediate family of 7 people before.  What better practice then on family right! Well it went AMAZING all the kids were cooperating (bonus) and I got to shoot in a new location.  Hope you like these as much as I do!

LANGLEY | wedding photographer

So I have a beautiful wedding to share today.  This bride was off the charts BEEEautiFUL!  The weather was hit and miss and we were dodging the rain all day, but we managed to avoid it the WHOLE day. 

 The ceremony took place at Pitt Meadows Golf Course after some last-minute decisions they decided to stick with their original plan and hold the ceremony out in the garden. Good choice as the rain held and the backdrop was perfect! you couldn’t ask for a better ceremony.

  We headed to one of my favorite places in Langley to do some group shots.  I know no bride wants to hear that its raining on their wedding day but for a photographer the beautiful skin tones the sky brings is amazing. 

After pictures we headed back to the golf course for a wonderful dinner and some truly heart-felt speeches ( insert tear here).  Next some fun games  to kick off the rest of the reception. 

Thank-you for letting me be part of your Amazing day! xoxo

Abbotsford | newborn photographer

Oh baby O how you won my heart with those lips!  Once again another great session with another so cute you wanna squeeze him baby.  Not to mention some help from big sister !

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing so many newborns this year and I am falling more and more in love with them every session.  I had such a great time hanging out with mom and baby E I just cant wait to see her grow into a beautiful little girl.  Welcome to parenthood mom and dad!