The Girls Turned One

2015-01-10_0013Last month we celebrated our babies. They turned one! Our baby girls turned one. I catch myself saying this statement still, a month later. I think maybe it’s because we survived it, and I am proud we made it through a rough, busy crazy year. Maybe because it’s the last of our babies no longer babies and I mourn that. We now have toddlers! ( a lot of them ) Maybe because just like that what feels like a blink of an eye, the last year has passed. For what ever reason I do not think I will ever forget our village that has come forward and have supported our family adjust and build the stones to support us and help us when days were rough and long.  Who helped celebrate our small victories and the big ones. Four kids 3yrs old and under was hard.  So to the friends who stayed friends with me even though I drive a mini Van Cheers!:) xoxoxo

A little bit of our year:)

2015-01-10_00152015-01-10_00162015-01-10_0017One of my favourite pictures of billy, must be the scrubs ;p2015-01-10_0018the boys were such babies!!!2015-01-10_0019The girls official first shoot ❤2015-01-10_00202015-01-10_00212015-01-10_00222015-01-10_00232015-01-10_00252015-01-10_00244 months
2015-01-10_00292015-01-10_00309 months2015-01-10_0027Abbotsford photographer12015-01-10_00022015-01-10_00032015-01-10_00042015-01-10_00052015-01-10_00062015-01-10_00072015-01-10_00082015-01-10_00112015-01-10_00122015-01-10_0009

Where does the time go! | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER

It seems like yesterday I was holding this little guy in my ares for the first time, doing his first pictures and now almost two years later I am bribing him with all I can to get him to poise for yet another shoot.  I really wanted to get this photo shoot in before bambino #2 makes an appearance before I have to get two smiling faces looking my way.


So I have decided to run my first contest ever!!! I’m pretty excited about it really and I wish everyone good luck. It is specified for facebook users so start sharing some love!

ABBOTSFORD | Baby photographer

Lennon and his buddys are all born within a month of each other so for Lennons 1st birthday shoot I though why not invite the gang over for some pictures and cake!  Well lets just say after a lot of moms jumping up and down making silly faces we manage to get a few great ones with them all looking !!( and a lot of them not) hehe.  We got them all GAPed out in the token onsies and jeans and let them roll.  After we got most of the pictures done we bribed them with a couple more picture with cake.  Lets just say they did not mind one bit.

My little guy is one!!

I can not belive my little munchkin has turned  one!  Wow has the year just flown by,  sometimes I just wish there was a  button to slow down time.  I havent had a chance to get to his first year photo shoot so this oldie but a goodie will do for now:)

FRASER VALLEY | colour inspiration

While trying to stick with my new years resolution,  I took a couple of snap shots of our lazy  (but beautiful)  day.  I guess brown was the unintentional theme of it all.

Charlie our chocolate lab:)

The bare trees of our morning walk

Chocolate I have sworn off since New Years….yet another resolution I am trying to keep;)

Yummy whole wheat pesto prawn pizza (I made from scratch) FIRST TIME!!!

All in all a colour inspired day.

ABBOTSFORD | photographer

So I have made a resolution this year to take a little more time and do what I love a little more for myself.  Then I got to thinking and am going to try one step further and maybe try sharing some of it a little more:)  Better than just letting my images sit in a folder just waiting until I get around to printing them. So here’s to 2011, and hope you enjoy my personal project too!

Here are some pictures I took yesterday down the street from our house.   We always pass by and I finally decided to bust out the camera, after all it is my NY resolution:)