2015-01-17_0022I don’t know how I got it in my head but somewhere along her pregnancy I decided a girl. Julia was expecting a girl. I was so sure that I had thought she had told me, as if she knew. But in our conversations she had assured me this never happened she did not in fact know what gender baby #2 was. I am never one to get a feeling of what peoples babies will be, never as a matter of fact if I do guess, you most likely will be having the opposite because I am always wrong. And at last here it is folks a big beautiful baby boy! By Big and beautiful I mean it. Baby Spencer was a whole 10lbs. So squishy and rolly polly I love it! I have four beautiful babies but have never a rolley baby goodness it is seriously to cute I can’t handle it!!!2015-01-17_0003 2015-01-17_0001 2015-01-17_0002 2015-01-17_0004 2015-01-17_0005 2015-01-17_0006 2015-01-17_0007 2015-01-17_0008 2015-01-17_0009 2015-01-17_0010 2015-01-17_0011 2015-01-17_0012 2015-01-17_0013 2015-01-17_0014 2015-01-17_0015 2015-01-17_0016 2015-01-17_0017 2015-01-17_0018 2015-01-17_0020 2015-01-17_0021 2015-01-17_0019 2015-01-17_0023 2015-01-17_0024 2015-01-17_0025


I Have just started taking on extended families and I am really enjoying the dynamics of them.  It is a little tedious trying to get everyone with a day that works.  However when the schedules end up working out they are worth the time planning.  These are the pictures everyone will be looking back on one day.

Happy dance for these guys | ABBOTSFORD FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER

This day could not have turned out better.   It was a week of rain leading up to this photo session with more rain as I drove into Vancouver (surprise, surprise)  then I did the happy dance as the skies broke and though it was cold these guys toughed it out and we got these great fall photos in Beautiful Vancouver:)



Pink panther pink was the colour theme for this wedding, literally its the stock colour of the car and extended into everything else, that and their favorite sport hockey.  This wedding is a little more personal then most as the bride and groom are my brother and sister in-law.  It was a large beautiful Italian wedding with amazing food and a dessert table like no other.  I was able to have a proud mommy moment as I watched my little guy carry the rings for his favorite Uncle Randy.  As he watched in aww as his beautiful Aunty walked down the aisle.  I am so happy for these two, they are perfect for each other in every way. Congrats:)

I also was happy to have a good friend and fellow photog join me and help shoot this wedding big thanks to Ashley Martens Photography for helping out!!

Ashley got the guys covered as I was with the girls getting ready.Another great shot from Ashley of course he never smiles like like this for my camera.

These guys were pros | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER


It seems like yesterday the first time I took pictures for Erin.  I did pictures for her little guy when he was one bribing him with cherrios just to get him to glance up at me, now hes a pro.  Seriously the whole family is photogenic (wish I could say the same for mine lol)  Both these boys were hamming it up they even added a couple of their own poses they wanted me to be sure to get.  Love these guys xoxo


These to are a great couple and I can not wait to see her walk down the isle this weekend!  

Houstons is 6months already! | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER

With my due date approaching quickly I was finding myself booked completely but with a opening in my schedule I was able to squeeze these guys in before I took a little time off.  I am sure glad I did Houston is one cute kid.  All smiles!

Pretty little princess | CHILLIWACK PHOTOGRAPHER

Well with so many little guys making their appearance on the blog these days it was about time we saw a pretty princess and we didn’t leave her family out either:)  It was another great weekend so we took the last half of the session outside and soaked in some vitamin D.


You might recognize the little munchkin in these photos from a couple posts back when he came in for his six month photo shoot.   Well they are back for a family session to get the whole family in some pictures.  And boy am I glad we did it this way we ended up with some super cute studio shots and when the weather turned a little nicer and the cherry blossoms finally decided to show we planned for a outdoor session.  I am just in love with these photos I almost went straight to a nursery after to pick up some cherry blossoms of my own!

A good date to have a baby | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER

What are the chances I would get to take maternity pictures of a beautiful momma-to-be with her due date the same as mine:)  She was glowing and absolutely beautiful  I loved being able to compare note the whole session on the similarities and different experiences we both are having.  It was kinda neat.  I cant wait to meet this little one and who knows maybe we will have same birthdays as well.