2015-01-17_0022I don’t know how I got it in my head but somewhere along her pregnancy I decided a girl. Julia was expecting a girl. I was so sure that I had thought she had told me, as if she knew. But in our conversations she had assured me this never happened she did not in fact know what gender baby #2 was. I am never one to get a feeling of what peoples babies will be, never as a matter of fact if I do guess, you most likely will be having the opposite because I am always wrong. And at last here it is folks a big beautiful baby boy! By Big and beautiful I mean it. Baby Spencer was a whole 10lbs. So squishy and rolly polly I love it! I have four beautiful babies but have never a rolley baby goodness it is seriously to cute I can’t handle it!!!2015-01-17_0003 2015-01-17_0001 2015-01-17_0002 2015-01-17_0004 2015-01-17_0005 2015-01-17_0006 2015-01-17_0007 2015-01-17_0008 2015-01-17_0009 2015-01-17_0010 2015-01-17_0011 2015-01-17_0012 2015-01-17_0013 2015-01-17_0014 2015-01-17_0015 2015-01-17_0016 2015-01-17_0017 2015-01-17_0018 2015-01-17_0020 2015-01-17_0021 2015-01-17_0019 2015-01-17_0023 2015-01-17_0024 2015-01-17_0025


2015-01-15_0008 Baby S & Baby C are as cute as they come. Newborn photography is sometimes challenging however twins defiantly makes you step up your game:) These two were the typical twin pair with the opposite sleepy times but in the end we got them in sync and it was perfection. I loved connecting with this new multiple family and hear their stories, finding out, pregnancy and labour. All brought back very clear not to long ago memories that I was able to relate. I think these two are just beyond precious and am happy to share these images with you:)2015-01-15_00022015-01-15_00012015-01-15_00032015-01-15_00042015-01-15_00052015-01-15_0015 2015-01-15_00072015-01-15_00102015-01-15_00092015-01-15_00132015-01-15_0012


I have been extremely busy lately but I really can not complain when its little guys like these keeping me tied up.  All these snuggles I really love my job.  This little guy was a little older than I am used to coming into the studio however he was a complete dream, and dream he did. Once a sleep he didn’t stir the rest of the session making me one happy person. xoxo


Baby Carson, I could just eat him up.  So sweet I seriously love this little guy. 


While I might be MIA for the next week or two I thought I would leave this soon to be mom of two with a sneak peak of what she awaits:)  She is just glowing!


I just love when a whole family gets together for a photo session including the furry members:)  Now they don’t always go as planned working with fuzzy family members but they sure keep it interesting.  Kumba is patiently waiting his brothers arrival,  and I have no doubt that they will be best friends as he is a very well mannered dog.    We hit a couple of my favorite spots around Abbotsford and were fortunate enough to even stumble upon some late bloom cherry blossoms.  It was hard narrowing down some favorite from this session I loved them all! 

A good date to have a baby | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER

What are the chances I would get to take maternity pictures of a beautiful momma-to-be with her due date the same as mine:)  She was glowing and absolutely beautiful  I loved being able to compare note the whole session on the similarities and different experiences we both are having.  It was kinda neat.  I cant wait to meet this little one and who knows maybe we will have same birthdays as well. 

Baby D Makes 4

Well baby D kept up with tradition and was fashionably late.  But well worth the wait.  He was a dream to work with and was surrounded with all the love of his 3 older siblings.  What a beautiful family!  Mom and Dad had the drill down and were up for some fun with the whole family. 

I scream, u scream, we all scream for ice cream! ABBOTSFORD | maternity photographer

I am so excited to meet this families new little guy.  Although I think I will have to wait a little bit longer than expected (sorry sam)  This beautiful mommy of soon to be 4 has been over due with all three of her kiddos.   I think she added it up to about 17 days all together…..lets hope that this guy breaks the trend!  We met out at cultas lake and got some of my favorite family shots to date.  It is really something great when you get to meet your clients again and again and the children just warm up to you, mind you it was not their first rodeo:)

After cultas we decided to reward the munchkins and mom and dad with some ice cream.  Thought it would be kinda cute to do some photos there too so everyone got blue and green ice cream to stick with the boy theme of course!

Pure fabulousness | LANGLEY | wedding photographer

Couples like this is truly the reason why I love my job!  These two were an absolute pleaser to work with and I really had a great time celebrating their big day with them.  As I arrived at the venue that day my heart sank not for me and my plan of locations to shoot, but for this bride.  She so desperately wanted the rain to stay away and there was no such luck.  It was a down pour, but when I walked  in to see the alternative ceremony site I was not disappointed.  The location was redwoods  in North Langley and it was BEAUTIFUL!!  Not to mention the sound of the rain fall even added to the amazing setting. 

 I knew then that today was going to be an amazing wedding.  I have TONs of outdoor place in mind in case of rain and was kinda excited to use some finally.   But not long after I had started my day getting some great shots of the girls and guys getting ready the clouds separated and the sun even made its way out.  Talk about timing!Seriously they are so into each other  they even high-fived after their vows, and hugged while they were listening to the pastor.

Jenn and Dan are amazing athletes and avid runners.  I know I call anyone who runs for more than 10 min at a time an athlete and some one who runs more than a mile a week avid but these too are the real deal. Dan has finished iron man races and jen practices along beside him.  So when it came to deciding where to do pictures we decided to hold them on one of their regular running routes.  I heart Langley.

These two sure know how to make an entrance.  They surprised everyone with this fun twist!