2015-01-17_0022I don’t know how I got it in my head but somewhere along her pregnancy I decided a girl. Julia was expecting a girl. I was so sure that I had thought she had told me, as if she knew. But in our conversations she had assured me this never happened she did not in fact know what gender baby #2 was. I am never one to get a feeling of what peoples babies will be, never as a matter of fact if I do guess, you most likely will be having the opposite because I am always wrong. And at last here it is folks a big beautiful baby boy! By Big and beautiful I mean it. Baby Spencer was a whole 10lbs. So squishy and rolly polly I love it! I have four beautiful babies but have never a rolley baby goodness it is seriously to cute I can’t handle it!!!2015-01-17_0003 2015-01-17_0001 2015-01-17_0002 2015-01-17_0004 2015-01-17_0005 2015-01-17_0006 2015-01-17_0007 2015-01-17_0008 2015-01-17_0009 2015-01-17_0010 2015-01-17_0011 2015-01-17_0012 2015-01-17_0013 2015-01-17_0014 2015-01-17_0015 2015-01-17_0016 2015-01-17_0017 2015-01-17_0018 2015-01-17_0020 2015-01-17_0021 2015-01-17_0019 2015-01-17_0023 2015-01-17_0024 2015-01-17_0025


2015-01-15_0008 Baby S & Baby C are as cute as they come. Newborn photography is sometimes challenging however twins defiantly makes you step up your game:) These two were the typical twin pair with the opposite sleepy times but in the end we got them in sync and it was perfection. I loved connecting with this new multiple family and hear their stories, finding out, pregnancy and labour. All brought back very clear not to long ago memories that I was able to relate. I think these two are just beyond precious and am happy to share these images with you:)2015-01-15_00022015-01-15_00012015-01-15_00032015-01-15_00042015-01-15_00052015-01-15_0015 2015-01-15_00072015-01-15_00102015-01-15_00092015-01-15_00132015-01-15_0012

The Girls Turned One

2015-01-10_0013Last month we celebrated our babies. They turned one! Our baby girls turned one. I catch myself saying this statement still, a month later. I think maybe it’s because we survived it, and I am proud we made it through a rough, busy crazy year. Maybe because it’s the last of our babies no longer babies and I mourn that. We now have toddlers! ( a lot of them ) Maybe because just like that what feels like a blink of an eye, the last year has passed. For what ever reason I do not think I will ever forget our village that has come forward and have supported our family adjust and build the stones to support us and help us when days were rough and long.  Who helped celebrate our small victories and the big ones. Four kids 3yrs old and under was hard.  So to the friends who stayed friends with me even though I drive a mini Van Cheers!:) xoxoxo

A little bit of our year:)

2015-01-10_00152015-01-10_00162015-01-10_0017One of my favourite pictures of billy, must be the scrubs ;p2015-01-10_0018the boys were such babies!!!2015-01-10_0019The girls official first shoot ❤2015-01-10_00202015-01-10_00212015-01-10_00222015-01-10_00232015-01-10_00252015-01-10_00244 months
2015-01-10_00292015-01-10_00309 months2015-01-10_0027Abbotsford photographer12015-01-10_00022015-01-10_00032015-01-10_00042015-01-10_00052015-01-10_00062015-01-10_00072015-01-10_00082015-01-10_00112015-01-10_00122015-01-10_0009


I have been extremely busy lately but I really can not complain when its little guys like these keeping me tied up.  All these snuggles I really love my job.  This little guy was a little older than I am used to coming into the studio however he was a complete dream, and dream he did. Once a sleep he didn’t stir the rest of the session making me one happy person. xoxo


It truly has been a crazy year for me and for that I am forever thankful to all my clients new and returning,  however with that being said this one man show has had to let a few things go to the way side. I know it seems that all I am doing if playing catch up but I believe everyone deserves a little blog love so I am posting this birth story.

This beautiful mother and friend had so many great shots that it was truly hard to pick just one.  We spent the afternoon at her parents property where we played around with the fantastic rustic red barn, I got to play a little with lighting and was really actually two days our first attempt went well until the torrential  downpour and had to wrap up early.  Two days later the skies broke and sun came through.

Birth photography is always something I get asked about a lot. But people are always surprised when they hear about it.  It is a session that sometimes doesn’t work out timing wise, but there is something about these pictures that just hit the heart-strings.  The raw emotion is unbeatable.  I think I can say it with confidence but never really could comprehend it until actually going through it myself but the moments in these photographs are rarely captured but are the greatest moments in life.

I love newborn babies and this one is no exception she is a special little angel with big brothers to look out for her.  I love when I get to document such great moments in someone’s life and am so lucky I get to enjoy my job and share it with amazing people:)

Timming is everthing | CHILLIWACK | newborn photographer

I LOVE  this part of my job.  I was expecting this session a bit earlier but this little princess was on her own schedule!  10 days over due!  Not unlike her timing on making her debut true to form she was on her own time line for this shoot too.  There was nothing mom could do to get her sleeping until she wanted to.  But I wasnt complaining we got some beautiful open-eyed pictures too.

ABBOTSFORD VANCOUVER | maternity photographer

I first met this beautiful mom to be almost 10years ago we worked together before she moved out to Vancouver we still kept in touch and was honoured when I got the email asking if I would be her wedding photographer.  Of course I was thrilled who wouldn’t like to photograph a beautiful not to mention kindest bride out there.  her wedding was pre blogging days but I dug up some archives to share. (why not)  I love sharing pre blogging photos;)

On to the true purpose of this entry today was this amazing couple is expecting their first baby soon!  We met up in Abbotsford and had a great afternoon.  These to are so much fun and casual and were up for any crazy ideas I had. Anything for a great location right?  There were so many great picture but here are just a few to share.

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photographer

Little miss s so pretty we had her into the studio for a last-minute newborn session so she could have some glamor shots to show off to her family when she visits them in mexico!  She took her first big trip this month! Talk about getting the travel bug early;0.

ABBOTSFORD | newborn photographer

So I thought putting baby Kesler on the blog today might send good vibes to his name twin Ryan Kesler.  Even though Baby k was not named after the hockey star this cutie could not have timed his arrival any more perfectly!

This family and I go back to my earliest days in my photog career.  Their beautiful angel  turned 5 just the other day, who was my first newborn baby I ever photographed……..  Wow FIVE years!  It really just seems like yesterday. Boy was I nervous walking in hoping I capture this precious age just right.  I must admit that when I walked through their doors this time around 3 babies later it definitely was a little different.  First off I must Confess my confidence with bambino #3 was defiantly a little greater, having a baby of your own really lessens the fear of babies lol.;)  Secondly I had a basket of great hats to play around with thanks to unique-kids who really makes great looking and good quality hats for newborns to kids.  Take a look at  Dont get me wrong those creative nerves that overwhelmed me the first time around were still there, and I think will always show themselves a little,  just  maybe be a little more muted.

Back to baby K,  he simply is a wonderful baby.  So cute I cant wait to get  more snuggles in.  I could have spent the whole day just shooting away, and I think he would have let me:)  Thank you for letting me once again capture your wonderful, beautiful, growing family, and all your support these last few years.