thank-you-iad2015-01-15_0022Today if you didn’t know is the Annual International Angelman day. What other session to post today then this near & dear to me family who has their very own angel, and she really did steal the show this whole session. I have always known this family as full of very beautiful and strong woman. It took a pretty darn great guy to snag one of these ladies up and I think they all love him dearly. So with the family a little fuller they decided to come in while Rachel was in town from NY to get some updated family pictures I think it is a beautiful group of images for mom to hang in the house:)2015-01-15_00202015-01-15_00192015-01-15_00182015-01-15_00212015-01-15_00162015-01-15_0017


Well I would be lying if I said I was surprised when I heard that these two dear friends announced their engagement. These two were meant to be, and am so excited to capture their big day this summer. I was so excited to work with these two, they are both super creative (actually Fiona is the brains behind my logo design and first website) and willing to put up with my crazy:) Fiona even brought “a few” ideas to the table as well.But I believe it was the groom to be who decided to have a Bob Dylan copycat album cover LOVE! I also love the computer and headphone shots, it truly is them to a tee as Scott works with all the computer stuff I can even grasp or wrap my head around and fiona is a great just for fun DJ, but is actually really good. xoxo

abbotsford-wedding-photographer Collages273 abbotsford-wedding-photographer

fi&scott2note the Bob Dylan album cover

abbotsford-wedding-photographer4abbotsford-wedding-photographer abbotsford-wedding-photographer-7vancouver-wedding-photographerabbotsford-wedding-photographerabbotsford-wedding-photographerabbotsford-wedding-photographerfreewheelin baby!


I am so excited to post this wedding!!  These two are dear friends of ours and am so honored to have been part of their day.  It was planned to a T. Caitlin really pulled out all the stops to this gorgeous day.  I have been excited about their day since Dave put a ring on her finger but was really excited when they asked me to be such a big part of it. xoxox enjoy!


I am over the moon for this couple I have had the privilege to photograph the groom to Be’s family on numerous occasions but finally its his turn:)  So happy for you guys glad I was able to capture this exciting time happy wedding planning!


When these two dear friends asked me to be their photographer I jumped at the opportunity.  Not only was I able to capture these two gorgeous friends but was also the one and ONLY friend who got to witness them say I DO.  And for that I am grateful for what I do.  They were married among family with an intimate setting they insisted on a couple of pictures and I insisted on a few more and am happy they obliged.  I am so happy for these two and am so happy to have been there to witness such great people join there live together.


Just like one of my favorite movies Breakfast at Tiffanys the romantic scene in the rain this wedding was a match.  It rained, no it poured.  But the show must go on and as the guest assembled outside with their umbrellas in hand the setting turned from dreadful to simply romantic.   So to the sound of rain falling the bride and groom said I do and it was perfect.  I can not lie this couple is truly inspiring and the kindest hearts to match,  you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful couple in and out.  (seriously)  I wished for a dry moment all day but was never granted such luck, however in the end it worked out beautifuly some of my favorite pictures to date!  Who would have thought, but when life hands you lemons…….

Seriously it was a fabulous day and I am so glad I was the one who got to capture it! xoxox

and my beautiful assistant for the day, I seriously could not have managed this day without her.  Thankyou Dana!!!!


Got to hang out with this cute couple tonight:) Cant wait for their wedding next month!


What better way to show case a new venue then to bring some fantastic vendors together to show off their talents.  Lark Rise Horse house situated in Mission is a beautiful venue offering a rustic outdoor haven for weddings, birthdays and event celebrations.  Getting some local vendors together we managed to pull off a fantastic wedding theme shoot with all the details.    From Table Settings to Jewelry we had every detail covered.

Venue- Reliegh  Lark Rise Horse House

Hair- Melissa  Under the veil


cake- Melissa @ tracycakes

flowers- She’s my florist

jewelry- Carmen West

decor- Heidi Angel Kisses event and wedding decor

Stationary- Caitlin Brownless

It all started here | LANGLEY PHOTOGRAPHER

I am so excited to kick off my wedding season this year with this couple!  They are seriously so so so gorgeous and sweet.  We met up at Crecent beach where they first met to do their engagement shoot.  We were planning rain or shine and boy did it shine.  On the hottest day of the year so far it was perfect for a beach photo shoot.

Battling the elements | ABBOTSFORD PHOTOGRAPHER

This was the worst day of the year weather wise but it was so hard to get this couples schedule to sync up with mine we decided to push though.  Between the huge wind storm and torrential downpour we got er done.  And they turned out wonderful if I do say so myself:)